Hybrid Dropshipping Course

Course Content

Introduction to the Hybrid Dropshipping Business
Get information on what to sell and finding websites to buy from

  • Introduction to the Hybrid Dropshipping Business

Registering On International Websites
Get to know what you should look out for, payment methods, and your total cost make up.

Your Ordering To-Do And Shipping Phase
Get insights on why sample order is important, how to use review in selecting products and the recommended shipper.

Create Your Social Media Store
Learn how to create your store on Instagram and protect it against hackers

Product Pricing
Learn how to price your products, how to display prices and lots more.

Common Objections to the model
Know the common objections raised by prospects, how you can overcome them and close more sales.

Using Adverts
Learn paid and free online advert strategies to increase sales.

Miscellaneous About Your Page
Learn how often you should post, how many pages you should have and many more about your page.