WhatsApp Strategies That Grow Sales


Course Content

Introduction To WhatsApp Broadcasting
How to use broadcast to sell more and create brand awareness

  • Introduction To WhatsApp Broadcasting

The 30-day Challenge For Broadcast
Category of content and recommended features to make it effective.

The 30-day Challenge Content Idea Breakdown PT 1
Using the first 3 categories with examples.

The 30-day Challenge Content Idea Breakdown PT 2
Using the last 3 categories with examples.

Using WhatsApp Status To Sell
Get information on effective ways to create Status messages as write-ups, images or videos.

Introductory To WhatsApp Group Membership Subscription Model
Earn more by creating and running paid membership group.

What To Know About The Planning Stage
Get information on what to put in place before opening your membership to prospects.

The Payment Segment
Learn what payment cycle is, and suggested ways to keep records.

The Admission and Operating Stage
Learn the types of admission models and message templates to use.