Running a business involves many parts, a different set of strategies, knowledge, and skill sets at different levels of growth.
As an entrepreneur, getting the BEST out of a strategy or platform should be of paramount importance –
BEST here could mean maximum sales level and/or brand awareness, after all, we are in business to make positive returns

Instagram is a platform that has proven itself to support businesses in growing sales levels and brand awareness if used effectively and efficiently.
You can only be effective when you know the set-up, strategies, and mindsets that work specifically for such a platform

I am sure you met Nath and Victor in the diagram above.

You could be a Nath that:

Will he go far, maybe as far as his guesses can take him which is not far enough to make any remarkable sales level?

Or you could be a Victor:

The ball is in your court.

No serious entrepreneur with intent to grow a successful business should be cajoled into getting knowledge that will grow his business and I am not going to do that to you.
But I do believe one thing…
If $125 is too much to invest in your business to access strategies that will help you make a 6-figure income from Instagram, then maybe you really are not interested in the long-term survival of the business.

  • 2 things about your page name that can kill your sales growth, and what you should do instead

  • 2 important ways your followership level will impact your sales

  • How not to get your page stolen

  • About 7 effective ways to deciding what and how to arrange products on your page to maximize sales

  • What your pricing gotha do with it

  • Getting order details in writing (trust me, this will save you from cancelled orders & unnecessary arguments with your customers)

  • How to sell more using paid and unique free strategies (you definitely need this)

  • How to show your human aspect without losing your business touch.

  • The 4 mind strategies to get out of tough negotiations and close more sales.

Think of it this way, what can you buy with $125?

Maybe a decent lunch with friends, a couple of months’
subscription on Netflix, or a not-top-of-the-range winter jacket from Walmart?
Basically, expenses whose cost won’t hurt your pocket and WILL NOT GIVE YOU back 6-figure returns!

What if you trade the lunch with friends, or a few months’ subscription with Netflix for information whose
cost will also not hurt your pocket but WILL MAKE YOU thousands of dollars; over and over again?
Will you invest $125 in your business or on just another expense?
I really do hope you’ll make a wise decision.