Hybrid Dropshipping

Will you like to learn an interesting skill
that can add
to your monthly income?

In this course, you will learn:
  • How to set up your own sales-making online store

  • List of 28 websites in USA that sells to Nigeria

  • How to find high-quality websites to order from

  • How to convince prospects to prepay for your products

  • Paid and organic ways to advertise your products

  • How to handle dollar rate fluctuation as it relates to pricing

  • How to start making sales without ever having a single product yourself

This Hybrid dropshipping Model has made me ( and still making me) 6-figure income on a monthly basis. I run two pages on Instagram using this model with over 400 customers- without stocking up items or running a physical store. (feel free to check out (@ristinshopper @ristin_man)

The most interesting part is, all you need is your phone!

How soon can I get started and start making sales?

As soon as 30 days depending on what you are selling

Is it only fashion items I can sell with this model?

No, you can sell almost all products with this model

Will I be able to set up by myself with just this course?

Definitely. The course comes will full explanation and video demonstrations of steps needed to set up and run the business.

Can I get a one-on-one coaching if I want one?

Certainly, but you must have gone through the course before you can request for that. You can send an email to olayemiakande@eaglebloom.com to book sessions

Do I need to be a technical person ?

No, you just need the knowledge of browsing the internet and operating social media on your phone.

Can I buy for someone else?

Sure you can
I had no idea dropshipping business can be this less stressful until I stumbled on this!
Lucky Momodu
ICT Expert
With all what I have learned, I now have direction about running a dropshipping business for my hair business
Mercy Anochima
Hair Stylist
I am glad I invested in this course. Now I can start and run another business with my main job
Anu Abraham
Graphics Designer